Learning Italian

italian-courses-dublinThe Italian language conveys a whole lot of emotion as Italians do themselves. This sensuous language – whether used to talk or argue still sounds bellisimo!

The Italians are the most expressive and romantic in the world. So it is little wonder that many choose to immerse themselves in this language.

If you want to learn Italian you will be joining over 70 million speakers. Out of passion and mere interest to learn italian an individual can even earn a career boost by being fluent. There are many diverse career areas that an Italian speaker has access to. Continue reading

Courses Suited to E-Learning

Education via the internet provides exciting opportunities for both educators and learners. The internet and World Wide Web have made the computer a dynamic and credible force in distance education, providing a new and interactive means of overcoming time and distance to reach learners. Education is now completely accessible, regardless of your age and geographical location. Points or previous educational attainment is not necessary for entry to the majority of courses on offer. Continue reading

Web Marketing Courses

web marketing courses

Web marketing is becoming an ever more popular channel for advertisers around the world. The Internet and digital communications have opened up a whole new world for the marketing industry, as well as for businesses hoping to use the technology to reach new customers and forge new connections. With this new realm of opportunity in the marketing and communications arena comes many new employment prospects for appropriately trained practitioners.

Digital marketing strategy differs from traditional media in the level of direct interaction it allows with the customer. The digital realm includes a variety of electronic devices for personal and business communications, including mobile telephones and integrated devices. Specialists in the field require an understanding of traditional marketing methodologies as well as a detailed knowledge of the opportunities afforded by digital media and an awareness of how the benefits may be maximized. Continue reading

Evening Courses

evening courses

Evening Courses

Evening Courses and Part Time Learning in Ireland

Albert Einstein once said “It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education“. Many people look on education and learning with distaste, recollecting their past experiences of homework filled evenings and exam pressures. Luckily though once the teenage years are over and progression begins into further education learning becomes much more bearable, studying now relates more to subjects and topics of interest. A career path will have been more or less chosen and education becomes a means of furthering life aspirations. Continue reading

Courses in Ireland

courses ireland

Finding a course in Ireland is easy using online resources & websites such as Findacourse.ie

Findacourse.ie is an up and coming website on which are listed many of the courses available in Ireland grouped by coursetype category of interest and geographical area. Links to this and other websites are outlined below; Continue reading

IES – Study in Dublin


Study abroad in Dublin through the IES Abroad Irish General Studies Program and enroll in IES Abroad courses in the Humanities and Social Sciences that focus on the theme of Tradition, Change, and Identity in Modern Ireland. Supplement IES Abroad courses with an internship placement in which you will earn academic credit, and/or a supplementary Dublin university course at the European Business School. Continue reading

Cork English College

Cork English College

Cork English College

CORK ENGLISH COLLEGE is located in the centre of Cork City, on the banks of the River Lee.

Cork English College are a leading provider of E.F.L. ( English as a Foreign Language) in Ireland through the provision of a service of outstanding quality and professionalism in a warm and friendly environment.

The College is recognised by the Department of Education for the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language and by the German Bildungsurlaubsgesetzt (Hamburg/Berlin/Rheinland Pfalz), and is a member of: Continue reading

CEA – Global Education


CEA - Study in Ireland

CEA – Study in Ireland

CEA programs are developed with strong academics and are taught at some of the most prestigious universities and institutes around the world. To ensure academic quality, CEA partner with academic institutions that are recognized either in their host country or in the US.

Study abroad is unique to any other academic experience because of the opportunities for cultural immersion. CEA recognizes the importance of combining academics with hands-on cultural experiences, as the interaction between the two helps to reinforce your learning. Continue reading

AIFS – Study in Ireland

study in Ireland

study in Ireland

Founded in 1964, AIFS is today the leader in summer, semester and academic year college study abroad programs for students wishing to study in Ireland and other countries.  Every year nearly 5000 U.S. undergraduates choose to study with AIFS at one of 24 international campus locations.

AIFS in Ireland is based in University of Limerick. Continue reading